Hello Instagram friends who swiped up in my story. Well I assume that's why most of you are here. I wrote my last blog post back in November and it was about my LA trip which was in September. My last semester of uni kept me rather busy but honestly that's not my only reason for being absent. Let's just say the cold, gloomy weather didn't give me the inspiration and motivation I needed. I'm currently way too busy with my final (omg) semester of study which seems crazy and unreal. The next couple of month will bring big changes and as much as I'm excited, I'm admittedly kind of anxious as well. On the bright side, there is a very special event I will be attending in Cologne next week. I'm thrilled and will tell you more soon. And you will come along of course through insta stories. As for tonight, Netflix will be the only thing getting my attention. But I will be back next week with lots of pictures and experiences from Cologne.